Alterd Books Workshop
Kickoff Event for DCAD’s
Young Artist Program for High School Students

ART Art and more Art – with cool trips and socializing mixed in…. that’s what this week looks like for a large group of talented teens who are working their butts off at DCAD  (Delaware College of Art and Design)  Young Artist Program for High School Students.  The week began Sunday evening for an intro dinner and a kick off Altered Books workshop that I had the absolute fun time of teaching.

The students jumped right in with both feet and some cool kick
(originals by Avon Grove student) to alter, draw, paint, collage, transfer images and
 “own” their own journals that will be used throughout the week and beyond for – whatever.  

This is only a sampling of some of the great stuff these kids did on Sunday.  To see more check out the DCAD album on my FB Page.

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