Like the flotsam and jetsam that wash ashore entangled and intertwined, I am interested in our interconnectedness and how our individual stories are part of something larger than self. I have always found my center in and near water growing up near the Jersey shore, living surfing in Hawai’i for many years, and now, our backyard pond is a sanctuary for me to sit, meditate, practice yoga, and paint.

Life in and around our pond, as well as, nearby White Clay Creek where we hike with our dogs is continually moving and changing with the weather, the seasons, as well as moment to moment. Constantly in flux, with life shifting above and below the surface, nets, webs, and nests are created with mixed media and found objects to hold, filter, and catch the minutiae of our lives.

Process and presence are part of an ongoing investigation and connection to something larger than self.

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