Moving into 2024 with the intention to deepen my practice of gratitude. radical gratitude. not just for the fun, easy, good stuff. but, and …for the hard, messy, did I really ask for these experiences? all of it–when I signed up for Planet Earth?

The answer, I believe is yes.  Here’s a start for the new year, some of which I trust may resonate with you.





Gratitude for…

  • family and friends near & far who weave together a beautiful net of love & support that nourishes, supports, and humbles me
  • moments of beauty and grace in nature, solitude, and in community
  • homemade soups and nourishing meals and snacks
  • a studio practice that grounds, surprises, delights, challenges, & connects me in ways that continue to grow & expand
  • for joy, pleasure, art, dance, music, laughter, and slap-stick, juvenile humor
  • technology that frustrates the heck out of me but keeps us connected in ways unimagined just a few years ago
  • my medical team & the developments in cancer treatment, and support staff
  • amazing and generous healers and practitioners who provide holistic, alternative, and supplemental support
  • all the *Nanci’s in the car on this ride
    • the badass adventure loving take no-prisoners nanci
    • the fun-loving playful nanci
    • the artistic creative nanci
    • the devoted loyal compassionate want to make this world a better place nanci
    • the yogi meditating zen woo-woo nanci
    • and– the terrified get me out of this f-ing car nanci

*a big thank you to Merideth Hite-Estevez, Artists for Joy who offers this wonderful exercise 🙏🏾

Goddess of a Stolen Moment (details), Photo: Christian Kaye

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