Commissions & Workshops


Commissioning an original work of art allows you to be a part of a collaborative experience to create a one-of-a-kind piece exclusively for your home, office, or as a gift for a loved one.

Questions to Consider:

  1. What type of commission do you have in mind?
  2. Is this a portrait of someone, on two or four legs, that you love and want to honor or remember?
    • Is this a professional project for a business or office?
    • Or, are you looking for a statement piece for a specific wall, room, or space in your home or office?
    • What is your budget? Each project will be quoted individually, as a general guideline:
      • Sketches, works on paper or original drawings begin at $150.00 (8”x10”).
      • Paintings on canvas range begin at $500 (11”x14”).
Reflection Pond, Hale Nani Lanikai, Kailua, HI.
BTCo Wall Detail

The Process:

  • Let’s have a chat.  We start with an initial meeting via email, phone or on Zoom for a conversation, a get-to-know-you to discuss your idea or project.
  • Moving forward – The client will send photos or videos of the subject or project.
  • Location specific work, either in a home or office, may require an on-site visit to see the space and surrounding environs.
  • Nanci will provide the client with a written proposal including a detailed project description, timeline, and quote.
  • 50% deposit is due upon signing.
  • Once the painting is well underway, Nanci will send updates via email and will schedule a studio visit.
  • When the piece is completed, the client will receive images via email, and arrangements will be made for final payment and delivery or shipping of the artwork.

Community and Professional Development Workshops

Art Workshops

Nanci is a Master Teaching Artist with over 30 years experience leading community and professional development workshops in:

  • mural arts
  • books arts
  • papermaking
  • printmaking
  • encaustic (hot fused wax)
  • mixed media sculpture

Recent partners have included YoungMoms Kennett Square, PA; Mother African Union Church, Wilmington, DE; New Castle County Detention Center, Wilmington, DE.

Workshop Format:  90 minute, ½ day (3.5 hours), and full-day workshops are available.

Contact Nanci with questions specific to your needs.

Young Moms Kennett Square
Chapel of Tears
Chapel of Tears

Chapel of Tears Workshop: Art + Conversation

This is a community or group workshop that includes personal narrative (our stories and experiences) + mixed media art making + community engagement (conversation/reflection). It is designed to offer participants a creative experience aligned with group discussion as a pathway for creating joy, empathy, and compassion.

The intention is to embody our experiences through art and the creative process in the wake of a global pandemic, heightened nationalization, and polarization. Recognizing tears as what author Gertrud Mueller Nelson calls a “vessel into which to pour most profound feelings” offering “a sense of closure and containment” to embody experiences, spark conversations, and develop our capacity for empathy and compassion.

Workshop Format:  90 minute and ½ day (3.5 hours) are available.

Cost for Workshop Organizer:

  • 90 minutes workshop:  $650.00 (up to 20 people)

* Discounted Cost may apply to Delaware based organizations – $425.00  

  • ½ Day Workshop (3 hours):  $1200.00 (up to 20 people)

* Discounted Cost may apply To Delaware based organization L: $975.00 

*Delaware Schools and 501(c)(3) groups may have the cost of a portion of the workshop covered by Delaware Humanities. Please note: School/organization must go to DE Humanities website, link will be available after January 1 and the applicant MUST REQUEST Nanci Hersh on the form. (Link will be available after January 1, 2023)

Contact Nanci with questions specific to your needs.

Communities in Conversation Workshop

Community Engagement and Team Building. Nanci is also a trained facilitator with Delaware Humanities in their Community Conversations program. Reflective conversations get people talking with each other about big questions–especially the kinds of questions that people come at in different ways based on their beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences. Conversations and information-sharing will happen in large and small groups.

Topics may include but not be limited to:

  • Stories and History
  • Arts and Culture
  • Environmental and Health

Format:  45-60 minutes.

Cost for Workshop Organizer:  $300.00.

*  Available to Schools and 501(c)(3) groups may apply for a discounted rate of $75.00.

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