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Contemporary Mixed Media Artist

working at the intersection of

personal narrative + art making + community engagement


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“Working with Nanci to design an art installation for our new office was inspirational. A true artist with a purpose Nanci worked to understand our Company and our culture and designed “Elemental Flow” – transforming our workspace into a reflection of our physical space as well as our business and our relationship to our colleagues and clients. We would highly recommend her for the quality of her work and creativity in design.”

Pamela Baker, Managing Partner at Barbacane, Thornton & Company

“Melanie and I are delighted with your portraits of our family, including Sammy our furry companion of 17 years. Nanci, you have captured the essence of our home life. We especially love the detail in Sammy’s face, eyes, and pose. As with any loving portrait, it preserves all the charming qualities that we will remember forever.”

Thomas P. Leff, Esq.

“David loves his painting! He has it with him while he is watching football games because he says, ‘I just want to look at it.’ Thank you so much Nanci. It’s the best gift I’ve ever given him!”

Janice Marsili, Ph.d.

“Nanci has the gift of transforming her personal experiences into art …art that speaks to the universality of her experiences. She is talented and easy to work with. I have purchased several pieces from her and look forward to adding more of her work to my collection.”

Marian Donohue

“Nanci’s beautiful paintings are one of the main attractions of our home. They are natural features to the ocean and beach the house faces. Nanci is as my other artist friend said: “An artist’s artist.” Simply wonderful work and a wonderful person too.”

Lorenn Walker, JD, MPH

“Engaging, inventive, smart – I could give Nanci a box of random supplies and she would transform them into something beautiful. A creative and generous instructor who delivers a bit of art history and a ton of techniques to enable students to amaze themselves.”

Jane Campbell, Former Director of Continuing Education, DCAD DELAWARE COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN

“One of Nanci’s remarkable artistic gifts is that she is skilled at connecting with individuals from all walks of life. Nanci loves life; her enthusiasm and positivity about the world around her and her desire to share the journey with those she encounters along the way make her a wonderful workshop facilitator. Nanci’s work with our clients, who are challenged by the pressures of early motherhood, was therapeutically valuable and socially restorative. Her unique approaches to printmaking and altered books allowed participants to experience the creative process and learn new things about themselves and each other.”

Lisa MacMain, Former Director of YoungMoms, a program that helps empower teen moms to reach their potential as women and mothers.

“What a wonderful week I had painting each morning at Nanci’s house. Not only was she a super hostess, but excelled as a teacher by observing my work, offering suggestions, and discussing with me ways in which to approach doing water, rocks, and reflections. Working with a new art teacher is always challenging, but Nanci provided such a safe environment in which one can try new things, experiment, and in the end, grow. All in all, it was a super experience.”

Bobbi Levitt, workshop participant, after Painting by the Pond

“Nanci Hersh is a wonderful, local artist who we commissioned to create several pieces of artwork for our newly opened Center for Airway & Facial Development in Newark, Delaware. Nanci’s proposal and thought process for the theme of the paintings was organic and well thought out. From the color choices, to the meaning behind the artwork, to the production and installation, Nanci was a joy to work with. Not only did she understand the purpose behind the commissioned artwork, she was excited to produce the pieces for us. The newly hung artwork brings us joy every day and reminds us of our mission.”

Center for Airway & Facial Development


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