Zoom Room

The pandemic threw us into a uniquely surreal and voyeuristic world, presenting many challenges, yet an opportunity for everyone to be their “unmasked” selves through a new form of connection.

Zoom changed how we interacted and gave us a new perspective—weirdly intimate, authentic and contrived at the same time. With every interaction and screenshot captured, I found a different story of humanity. A new perspective, and a recognizable silver lining, illuminated the humor, boredom, pathos, and beauty that kept us all connected.

Many, if not most of the subjects are artists, educators, and people that I shared space with in my role as Executive Director of Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education. Zoom Room transformed those endless Zoom meetings into works of art. I am thankful to my colleagues, friends, and students who took part in allowing me to capture this moment in our world’s history.



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