Just got back from a quick two day trip to NYC to meet up with some friends and see some art.
Bob and Meg
a Duchanp hanging in a stairwell
Megan looking at a John Chamberlain
with a Warhol of Mick Jagger to her right

Headed over to Gagosian Gallery uptown to see Howard Hodgkin when Megan and I discovered that also at Gagosian was a show titled Collections from the Private Collection of Robert Rauschenberg.  A great find for my new series Their Art/Your Walls- Artist as Collector. Apropo, and what a treasure trove!  3 floors of drawings, paintings, prints, and sculptures of his friends like Jasper Johns, Cy Twombly, John Cage, along with Duchamp, Matisse, Beuys, Morandi, and some Warhol to name drop a few.

Many of the works were signed “to Bob.” Two of which were from dancer/choreographer and close friend of Rauschenberg’s, Trisha Brown.  Megan reminded me that Brown taught dance while we were Pratt Students. That class fulfilled the one gym requirement for our undergraduate degree. I don’t remember her so much as I remember trying to pirouette across the gym floor without hitting a wall!

How many people can say that Trisha Brown was their gym teacher?

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