A prince name George.
A Fish Called Wanda.
A Rottweiler named Sheila.
For now: Summer Koi #4
Acrylic on canvas
10″ x 10″

I am working on new koi paintings for my upcoming exhibition in September at the Transformations Gallery in NJ with photographer and friend Cathie Hartigan and I seem to be at a loss for some memorable titles. Titles help me identify and often remember works of art when I get ready for cataloguing and labeling them. Right now they are named and numbered such as Summer Koi #1, Summer Koi #2, etc. Confusing and not too interesting.

Naming something or someone gives it an identity and can set a trajectory.  Because of this power, it’s not always easy finding the perfect name for your child, a pet, or in this case a painting. Often, I know the perfect title for a piece, be it the painting’s or sculpture’s composition or the narrative behind it.  

Recently, my son Nate was telling me about a Rottweiler, a large gentle giant he met at a friend’s house named Sheila. Nothing butch like King, or Queen or Diva, but Sheila. It makes me smile, having never even met her. 

Then there’s the film from the late 80’s with Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline, a quirky comedy called A Fish Called Wanda.  I sort of remember the story, but I’ll never forget the movie’s title. 

I have decided to give my paintings, or more specifically the koi in my paintings names- so I can identify and remember them. I will be posting my Summer Koi paintings on this blog and my FB page and I will be taking suggestions for names. 

This is where you come in. I’d like your help… any suggestions for this fish?  
(FYI- Whitey, Gefilte or Pike are not what I am looking for)

Please click on the word comments below and help me give my new paintings their rightful appellation. 

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