Day #16, December 3, 2013 from What’s in My Drawers.
Weathering the Storm
Solar print, encaustic collage on paper
6″ x 4″

                                                            If only it were that easy… put on the proper gear and ride it out. Often that’s all you need, other times a little more….

Don’t remember what was going on when I made this piece, but I had this little solar print kit I bought at a museum store a while back and tried it out with one of my beloved nets. Found this image of a guy in rain gear, added the pattern piece with something underneath it and voila- it’s just how I am feeling today.  A bit weary, caught up in virtual computer overwhelm. I bought Quick Books 2014 to help me stay on top of things. After I purchased it I learned that my OS needed to be upgraded, thankfully that was free but now I can’t run my old Photoshop on it, my computer seems slower and my brain has short circuited cause everything is totally different now on my laptop.

So off I go to the Apple Store. Throw me a line, will ya?

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