Warm island thoughts on this frozen east coast day…

From the island of Kauai, this week’s Artist as Collector post comes from A.Kimberlin Blackburn.

Michael Harada
Boy in Water, 1993
Acrylic on board
13″ x 13″

This is Michael Harada‘s Boy in the Water.

I bought it from a show in Honolulu in the early ’90s
I was just taken with the contemplative feeling
surrounded by the ocean
feels to me like love

its a visual meditative treat especially when i can’t get  into the ocean
as it reminds me how much i love just hanging in the water

Kim’s work is my collection, as is Mike’s. Great memories of art making, exhibiting and being in a critique group than met on a regular basis. Mike Harada also shaped and glassed my beloved longboard! 

Nanci & Her board, Wailalua, HI
Joe Solem Photography
Artwork on board by Nanci,
Shaped and glassed by Mike Harada

Note to Kim, Mike and Joe… Lucky you live Hawaii. (but you know that) and Mahalo, Kim.

What’s on your walls that reminds you of where you love to be?

About this week’s Guest Artist Blogger:
A.Kimberlin Blackburn is a painter, sculptor, bead, fiber and installation artist.  She also lives on the beautiful island of Kauai and grows things. We met many moons ago when we exhibited together on Oahu at the Art Loft and her work graces my home.

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