Day #6- of What’s in My Drawers.

Looking through my drawers I was delighted to find this mixed media drawing with colored pencil on acrylic and tempera paint.  I love tools, appreciating their design and use. I also think about women’s work and the often loaded connotations and associations that come with gender and responsibility.

Scissor drawing on paper @NanciHersh

Tools of the Trade- Scissors
Acrylic, tempera paint, colored pencil on paper
9.75″ x 9.75″


An artist friend of mine once commented at a studio visit, that my work riffs on each other; each new piece adds to an ongoing conversation.

Like here…Work about surgery led me to use pattern paper with it’s fragile tissue properties and guidelines for cutting with little scissors printed where cuts need to be made. and so I started thinking and looking at scissors.

This particular pair of shears are Cutco kitchen shears which I purchased from a teenage young man back practicing his salesmanship and earning money for school when we lived in Middletown, NJ. I had become friendly with his family after his father was killed in the World Trade Center. Initially, I made them soup and brought them meals, and for many years we were a part of each other’s live.

Everything has a story- and a connection.

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