It has been almost 2 months since my son Nate’s left eye was severly damanged in an accident.

Nate is an inspiration. He is strong, resilient,  and feisty as ever.   Getting fitted this week for his temporary eye shell reaffirmed these traits.

Our trip to Legrand Associates introduced us to the world of the ocularist, a professional specializing in the fabricating and fitting of custom made artificial eyes. Joe Legrand, a second generation ocularist was kind,  patient and generously allowed me to snap photos in his office, or studio, as I see it.  After all he is located in the Medical ARTS Building on Walnut St.
As a mother I appreciated his kindness and compassion.

As an artist, I was drawn to the tools and materials that he will use to make Nate’s scleral shell prosthesis.

Windsor & Newton Colours….
timeless quality for Nate’s Eye Shell
These little stands are called “dobs” if I remember correctly
and were made by Joe’s assistant, cast from her finger.

Eye Kitch lurking in his plants!
A funky, phallic, palette of sorts!

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