This week’s Artist as Collector is from photographer Niki Berg who sent me this post from a stopover en route to India where she will be traveling this month.

Magdalena Abakanowicz
from Facing Sculpture
©2012RicardoBarros from

“Hello from Germany,

Here I am sitting in a cafe in the airport waiting for my flight to Chennai, India. The reality of being a traveler is already felt with the awareness of a very large and diversified world to explore. Time has become timeless somehow. Traveling through multiple time zones and feeling fluid enough to function in the present.  I hope I will feel this way for the next leg which is even more dramatic.

Some years ago I read about a workshop being given by Ricardo Barros on “Marketing Your Photos”. It was given in Cape May, New Jersey, where I had never been.  It was a marvelous experience. Richardo is a wonderful person, photographer and teacher. 

We did a trade of photographs and I chose two of the wonderful and inventive portraits from the project “Facing Sculpture“. One of which is this photo of Magdalena AbakanowiczShe is an amazing sculptor. I chose this portrait for her magnificent face and satisfying expression, as though she just finished one of her magical pieces.  Her expression says “life is full and perfect.” 

Thanks NIki- safe and wonderful travels… looking forward to seeing the new work that will transpire from your adventure!

What is your collection that speaks to you of joy and satisfaction?

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