Turns out that in addition to being happier and making us more pleasant to be around, there is scientific evidence that shows that when we are positive we allow more space in our brains to allow those aha! moments to occur.

Think of it this way, anxious thoughts keep us in our analytic brains, while positive thoughts are expansive, creating more room for these moments to literally light up our brains.
photo of Nanci Hersh in front of her ptgs. at Blue Streak gallery.

At my recent opening at Blue Streak Gallery in Wilmington. Photo:Ivana Gatica

Neuroscientist John Kounios  and co-author with Mark Beeman of a new book, The Eureka Factor: Aha Moments, Creative Insight, and the Brain studies these “aha” moments with brain-imaging scanners to understand where epiphanies come from and how to unlock our creative minds.

To hear the enlightening conversation with Radio Times guest host Mary Cummings-Jordan about his findings and book click here.

So think of Bobby McFerrin and Don’t worry, be happy… and create!


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