Swimming Eye to Eye
Acrylic, graphite, collage on paper
40″ x 60″

“When I’m in the studio working, I reach a point at which I know I could stop – that the painting if fine as it is – but I feel that there’s something else I want, something more, and I keep pushing, bringing the painting to another place. I scrape off what I have and try something else. That act of pushing myself to make a change- even though maybe what I have there is okay – that, for me, is

excellence. It’s pushing yourself further than you think you can go.”

Elizabeth Murray (1940- 2007)

I LOVE this quote! I have it taped inside of a sketchbook and reread it when I work to keep pushing… and surprising myself.

Elizabeth Murray talks about “bringing the painting to another place.” That is an act of faith and courage … and practice. Showing up consistently, and as we say in yoga, coming to your edge.

How do you know when you are at your edge? How do you take that leap of faith?

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