A studio visit is a great way to introduce people to your work whether you are part of a studio tour, meeting with a gallery director or curator for a possible exhibition or an informal get together with another artist, friend or collector.

It also motivates you to clean your workspace and review your work. Always good when I get rid of the cobwebs and dust bunnies and clear off the work tables!

There may be the possibility of a show, a sale, or valuable feedback and insight.
Recent conversations from two different visits to my studio were energizing- and validating. It feels so good when someone “gets” your work.  I appreciated the comments, connections and insights… and made some discoveries along the way. One piece that I “accidently” brought out – it was rolled up with another piece, not only will be in my upcoming exhibition at the Siegel JCC Artspace in Wilmington in April, but will be a piece that the work together in a way that I saw- but wasn’t sure was clear to others. Apparently it does, so there you go.
Open your door and see what walks in.

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