Snowblind #7, acrylic, pastel on canvas paper, 16″x20″ ©NanciHersh

1995, I returned to the east coast after 11 years in Hawaii, I thought I planned it perfectly. Fly back in March and avoid a NJ winter. Now we all know that you can get snow into early April around here. But that year it worked. It was cold and gray but spring came around before I knew it.

The following winter was another story. We got slammed with snow repeatedly. Deep white snow and lots of it. Pretty and exciting at first. Somewhere midpoint I was not a happy camper and found solace with Lambchop my surfing bunny who made the move with me east, and making art. Watching and drawing, painting and printing crows. Crows are resilient and family oriented. Many of those pieces have found homes, I recently discovered Snowblind #7 in my flat files.

Stay warm, stay resilient ( I did just get a notification that flights from Philadelphia to Honolulu are around $600 RT these days…)

and be thankful for family and our new furnace.

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