New Mexico based artist Ann Hart Marquis is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series.
California River
I first met Gregory Kondos the year after I rented his summer house in southwest France in 2007. I knew he was a well known California artist, originally from Greece. I had seen his work and loved it, especially his landscapes. His work however, was out of my price range.

Several years later in Santa Fe, NM, I happened upon a sale of monotypes done by well-known artists who had taught classes and contributed work to the College of Santa Fe. 

The state sponsored gallery where the sale was held did not seem to know the importance or value of many pieces that they were selling. I saw a stunning Kondos landscape and snapped it up. 

I look at it every day and I am inspired by its simplicity and gorgeous colors.

Ann Hart Marquis is a New Mexico painter who connects vibrant contemporary paintings with the environment in acrylic and oil on canvas.

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