Next Sunday I will be teaching a workshop at DCAD called Mixed Media Mash-Up.  A perfect opportunity to bring out your found objects and other materials that somehow “spoke to you” but weren’t sure what you would do with it.
Burnt Offering, 2005
Encaustic, plastic, nails on wood,
 12″ x 12″

“Creative insights often occur by making connections between ideas or experiences that were previously unconnected.”

Sir Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative

Burnt Offering is part of a series I did in response for surgery for breast cancer.  The tree cutoffs were a metaphor for loss and the materials that I used with each one varied.  This piece began with a floral plastic placemat that melted in the drawer below my oven when I used the self cleaning setting. Everything else fell into place with that.
Give yourself the time and space to find connections that Sir Ken is referring to in the quote above from his book, Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative.  
Come join me Sunday, September 30 from 1-4 at DCAD at my Mixed Media Mash-Up workshop.
A sure fire recipe for the unexpected!

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