A Nobler Truth. 1988, Acrylic on canvas
Monoprint3, 2010
Finis, 2010

Swimming Thru My Head, 2010
The first of the month is always Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits day… I have no idea why. But since I have always had a thing for those fluffy bunnies I figure it must have something to do with new beginnings – Lapins are so prolific in the reproduction dept. – it seems fitting.

New month, new school year and back to routine after summer time lazy hazy and sometimes busy crazy daze.

I spent the day yesterday with friends working in my studio using my press to create monoprints…get those creative juices flowing once again. The DCCA is holding their annual fundraiser on Oct. 23 with their Small Art BIG AUCTION, http://www.thedcca.org/eventssmallartbigauction2010.html so I completed a piece for the event.
It is supposed to be a blind auction in that you don’t know who the artist is so I am posting a few from yesterday to be a little coy with one of my rabbit paintings thrown in for good measure.
Happy Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits!

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