This week’s Artist as Collector Series comes from painter and printmaker Ahni Kruger.
I bought this at Prince Street Gallery … 

Carol (Diamond) & I met in college and I’ve always admired her dedication to her work.  We have had many lovely moments painting in the landscape, drawing together, sharing loves, parenting strategies, and losses over the years.  

This painting was done on location in the Brooklyn Navy Yards in 1997 when I was very pregnant with my son.  It shows her relentless, tentative searching for form while boldly messing with space and color.  Love the yellow diagonal!  She manages to capture these very complicated structures with suggestive strokes, and I think she truly gives us that sense of being in an industrial landscape, leading us up to and beyond various details, all the while leaving delicious clues about the act of painting.  

To me, plein air painting is about the transient light, shifting forms and impermanence of the weather, an urgency to seize the moment.  Sadly, the significance of the towers that no longer exist is now woven into this.  
About this week’s Guest Blogger:
Ahni Kruger is a painter, printmaker and adjunct professor at Drew University and Montclair State University, both in New Jersey.  Her work reflects her travels, her passions and her thoughtful approach to the canvas or paper.

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