Guest blog post by Garbiñe Maruri.

I’m out of my comfort zone.

Garbiñe at Philter in Kennett Square, PA. Photo:NanciHersh2016

Garbiñe at Philter in Kennett Square. Coffee shops, however, are not out of her comfort zone. just saying.

I’m spending two months away from home in a foreign country- Out of my comfort zone-. I’m living with two teenager host-brothers -Out of my comfort zone-. I’m buying colorful clothes (just in case you were wondering, black and grey are my best friends) – I’m out of my comfort zone, again.

Even the smallest things, like buying a red top- or writing a blog post- can place you out of your comfort zone.

What does that feel like? Strange at first and nice, in the end. It makes you stronger. You realize that you can go further, dream bigger. Nevertheless, it takes courage, determination, an open mind and attitude. 


Garbiñe’s first tattoo- a reminder of her trip this summer, and what it takes to move out of her comfort zone.

In the end, it’s all about your attitude. 

Garbiñe heads back to Spain today after 8 wonderful weeks out of her comfort zone. We wish her well and are grateful to her parents for sharing their lovely daughter with us.

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