Life, God, the Lord, Source, call it what you will… works in wonderful ways. I needed some help with my computer so I reached out to my friend Jeff Clapp who I call my Mac Guru. Jeff and I worked together a few years back when he initiated a mural project with Red Bank Elementary School. The initiative was titled “Where Art Lives” and was a group of artists led by Jeff working to create a vibrant colorful mural with the children and their families of Red Bank. Fast forward a few years later, and Jeff and his wife Donna have grown, expanded and developed their vision on a global level. visit their website to see the inspiring work they are doing. Which brings me to how I met Danny Garcia…. so I called Jeff asking for some tech support and at the end he asks me if I know of anyone living in the DE/PA area because he is working with this guy named Danny Garcia who walks for peace, and is finishing up 12 years of walking 25,000 miles, etc. Danny walks for peace and for children and I guess anything else that touches his heart- or that God asks him to, because this Vietnam Vet, music promoter, teacher, husband, father, and grandfather is also an ordained minister so while he walks he prays. Heavy stuff, but apparently we were meant to meet so yesterday Danny and I walked in the Wilmington area. No heavy trucking, but a lot of heavy talking. wow.

Here is Danny’s site, Check out what he is doing, see if it touches you, and maybe we, too, can be “Pilgrims on the Path of Peace.” (from one of my favorite quotes on the walls of Kripalu up in Lenox, MA.

Who knows where this will all lead, but my lesson these days is to get that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and as Johnny Gillepsie my yoga teacher here says, this is the time to “get into the rhythm of my life.”
I am grateful for all those who help me to remember that!
Check out his site for his schedules of great classes and his blog with some insightful Dharma talks.

Here is a picture of Danny in front of Francine’s Organic Market in Hockessin, DE.

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