Wedding Mules #1
Painting #15
4″ round, Acrylic on Canvas

What do my wedding Mules have to do with the most unwelcome Muse – The Big C, Cancer,
have to do with each other?

Nothing. absolutely nothing. I was very happy painting my mules,  and Koi Pond, and making stuff with wire and pulp.  I enjoyed working from life again, looking at color, shape, and composition and meditating on the present moment.

So this week’s news that my cancer is back is not very welcome.

Wedding Mules #4
Painting #20
5″ x 5″
Acrylic on Canvas
Nailed, 2004
8″ x 9″ x 1″
Nylon, encaustic, nail on wood

Sure, I did some of my most powerful work from that experience, but that was old news, and I liked it that way.

Apparently fate has other plans. So here we go.  Hope you’ll check in and share your insight, your experiences and give me something to laugh about along the way.

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