Every artist mom knows the challenges of making studio time happen with kids home for the summer.

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Wait. make that- every artist knows the challenges of making studio time happen. period.

A million reasons, a million excuses, a million tugs in every direction from the phone to a job,  to the endless tasks and errands.  But we do it, one way or another. or-  we go nuts.

Lisa MacMain, program director of YoungMoms gets that.  Afterall, before she received her MSS (Masters of Social Services)  from Bryn Mawr College Grad School of Social Work , she was and is, a mom and an artist.  She is also den mother extraordinaire to 50 or 60 young women who are moms with limited resources and support, including time for themselves, without babies- to be creative.  Lisa, with her vision of hope and promise for all that is possible for these young women, invited me to put together a series of Altered Books Workshops for the moms after our highly successful printmaking workshops last year at the Garage in Kennett Square, PA.

the Garage community + youth center West Grove, PA

This week was the first 2 of 6 sessions being held at the Garage in West Grove.  The babies were off at childcare nearby, coordinated by a wonderful volunteer, Terri Weidenmuller and the moms had 3 hours to create journals, transfer images, stamp, collage, alter books, eat and hangout together.

Making art, making a mess… and loving every minute of it!

with snacks generously donated by local
company Herr’s– shamelessly promoted here.

Altering books and altering trajectories… heavy with possibilities. wow.

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