Taking a break from my busy summer to check in. I have been painting, teaching, and traveling the past few months. My family and I have been to wonderful places and shared some great experiences, but let’s be honest. 
Mama Panda at the San Diego Zoo
Traveling can be challenging and not with out its mishaps and challenges.
What could be better than being a pink flamingo, you get to eat lots of shrimp
and don’t need kool-aid to flaunt your freak

 Our most recent trip to San Diego is a perfect example. Of course if you check out my FB page you will see lots of happy faces but just to keep it in perspective I will share an email my husband Scott sent out to family and friends with the subject line The Dight/Hersh Vacation Chronicles

Or, what not to do when having a family vacation:

1. Do not book two seats for the same person on the same flight (We inadvertently booked two seats for Nanci, none for Nate. Didn’t realize this until the night before when printing boarding passes. It required an hour on the phone with multiple airline management to correct).

2. Do not show up to the check-in counter 40mins ahead of flight time with luggage to be checked. (We hit massive traffic. Must be there 45 mins before flight time, no exceptions. Only solution, two of us catch the flight, two of us race to try and catch the next flight with baggage. Bye-bye Nanci and Griff, see you when you get there).

3. Do not skim board on water that is too shallow. (Nate had the board catch the sand and jolt his ankle and foot, end result, two fractured bones).

4. Don’t have a need to get ex-rays done while traveling. (Entire day spent in calling, where to go, do they take insurance, etc…thank goodness we weren’t traveling internationally).

5. Don’t try to go on planned events with crutches or a wheelchair. (Need I say more).
Or have your older brother push you around.
6. Don’t trust all websites for selecting places to stay. (Our B&B was a bit scary, hence we decided not to stay. Cost us one night’s fee for cancellation, not to mention, have you ever tried booking a hotel on the fly? We needed to find something reasonable for that night and the for the following 3 nights).
There are other pointers I could share, but I think you get the picture. By the way, Nate will be out of commission for approximately six weeks. I can’t wait to get home and back to work!

Scott and Griffin at La Jolla
(I could live there) just saying.
Nanci’s note to Scott: Look at the above photo and tell me you mean it!

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