Drawing is the most direct line connecting my heart and my hand. It is a visceral response to a place, or situation.

(leaving the) Nest series was created from the shadows cast from a sculpture I welded this summer at the Marshall Bridge Workshop with Stan Smokler. The shadows are evasive, temporal and challenge me to look with purpose to find the beauty, and the grace in the fragility of our lives. The title refers to our older son Griffin leaving for his freshman year at college. Learning to let go- and fly.

Mixed media drawing on paper, ©NanciHersh

(leaving the)Nest #6, acrylic, charcoal, graphite on paper, 22″ x 30″. ©NanciHersh $250.00 with Free Shipping

Welded steel sculpture of nest on pedestal

welded steel, 42″ x 32″ x 30″, ©NanciHersh2015
Photo: David Norbut


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