Nothing like a blizzard with howling winds, dumping 2-3′ of snow to remind us what many mammals and some fish know.

photo of snow on koi pond

Snow on the pond with an aerator to allow the noxious gases, like ammonia to escape.                                                                    

Winter is a time to hibernate, or at least, lay low, like the fish in our backyard koi pond. While fish don’t truly hibernate, they do go into a “state of torpor.” As the temperatures fall, they drop to the bottom of the pond where the water is warmest. There they hang out, preserving their energy until temperatures rise again.

photo from Blizzard 2016

Outside my studio door.

So while the winds howled, we stayed inside, napped and hung out. Unlike the fish, who do not eat this time of year, we ate.

Alot– homemade soup and our favorite mandelbrot cookies (like biscotti), and watched movies.

I also had plenty of time in my studio to work on a commission undisturbed, with a winter wonderland outside my door.

Working on Koi Painting

Working on Koi Painting

How do you hibernate?




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