It’s not too late to slow down, or better yet, stop, reflect and catch your breath. (Well actually 2012 is over, but I wrote this post on the 31st and somehow never hit publish!) oh well…. here you go, never the less!

Slowing Down to Catch Up
Installation view at theFashionCenter, NYC

2012 may be on its way out but there are countless opportunities to start anew- whether you practice setting New Year’s resolutions or not.  Listening to Krista Tippett‘s inspiring interview with Jon Kabat- Zinn on her show (12/29/12)  not only remindes me that each moment is a new beginning, but also, that being mindful, being present, and practicing gratitude opens us up to the beauty, the miracle, the lesson in each moment.

Personally 2012 was a healthier, more productive, and also more mindful year than the year before. Much of what happened in 2011 was beyond my control but my intention was to live fully in 2012 appreciating the gifts and the challenges that came with it.  Now as 2013 is just a few hours away, I am thinking about some goals and intentions for the New Year but I want to remember that every moment is a gift, and that creativity is not only what we do with our lives but who we are.  It is when we slow down to catch up with ourselves that we are pure possibility.

And that is so friggin’ exciting!

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