Net Drawing with House, 2011
Gesso, Stabilo pencil, collage on
book page
House dreams seem to be a barometer of where my head is emotionally.  Renovating or moving dreams stayed with me for months following both of those activities. My nightime sleep reflecting the challenges and anxiety that came from those experiences during the day.
During a summer printmaking program at the Santa Reparata Graphic Art Center in Florence, Italy the house in my dream was a vast and gorgeous palace.  No doubt, reminding me that my days spent in the museums, streets, and art studios of Florence had the power to inspire and transform me well into my return to Oahu and my failing marriage.
The most recent House Dream took me to an urban setting of undiscovered rooms including an exquisite glass atrium, and one filled with lots of old and unused easels. Meandering through I met interesting neighbors and discovered street windows surrounded by brightly painted bricks that offered exciting possibilities for work, not unlike my exhibition last summer at theFashionCenter in NYC.
Waking up to a reminder that opportuities and possibilites can be found in every situation – whatever the Real Estate Market!

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