Kentucky based artist Sharmon Davidson is this week’s guest blogger for our Artist as Collector Series. I learned about Sharmon’s work when Donna Drozda blogged in this series about a piece of Sharmon’s in Empty and Full with a Fresh Eye.
 gouache, watercolors & oil pastel, chartreuse book,
 4″ x 6″
collection of Sharmon Davidson
When I first saw ‘Ima’ on Lynne Hoppe’s wonderful blog last year, I just knew I had to have her.  Like all of Lynne’s ‘people’, she somehow seemed real; she spoke to me in the way an imaginary friend speaks to us when we’re very young.  And, lucky me- on the other side of Ima is her alter-ego, Rosie, who is just as beautiful in her own way.
 gouache, oil pastels, watercolors & casein paint, chartreuse book,
4″ x 6″
Collection of Sharmon Davidson

I think the fact that Lynne lives at the edge of a huge forest is evident in many ways.  Her work has the honesty of a childhood drawing, combined with the free, organic mark-making that only technical mastery can bring.  Her work inspires me with its vibrancy.  She allows herself to play, fearlessly exploring new methods and materials; this keeps Lynne’s pieces as fresh and vital as the forest she so loves.  

Sharmon Davidson has always had a passion for making art. She is a mixed media artist working with a variety of materials building layers upon layers to reveal the magic and interconnectness of life.

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