Betsey Regan is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector series.

John Kochansky was a Monmouth County (NJ) artist who passed away in the early 2000s.  
He painted for years and then suddenly turned to photography. His subject however, always remained the female form.  

Many saw him as a brash misogynist.  But I always thought he adored women and that’s why he acted out both in his art and his personal relationships.  I maintain not to exploit but to revere.
He was a larger than life figure in stature, personality, and his use of materials. This caused him to be either loved or reviled within the venerable echelons of the Art Alliance in Red Bank, NJ of which he was a longtime member. That’s how I acquired this piece, I believe we made a trade. I was one of his fans.   

New Jersey artist, Betsey Regan is a painter who recently had a solo exhibition at the Watchung Art Center , Watchung, NJ of her latest work, all completed during winter 2011-2012. She continues to work on her series concerning sheep, lambs, and other beasts of burden.

Betsey (middle) and friends at Watchung Art Center
photo by Stacy Smith

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