Today my Aunt Muriel is 90. Pretty amazing. She is one vibrant youthful woman for any age. What’s her secret? I would guess that she stays active, has lots of interests and keeps busy with family and friends.

Aunt Muriel 

Earlier this week I went to visit an artist friend of mine who is a resident at a senior group home. It had been a couple of months since I had spoken to Ruth- who I think is somewhere in her 80’s. I was surprised and saddened to find Ruth laying very still on her back in a sparse new room. Due to a fall she was moved from her regular room which was covered with her charming ink and watercolor drawings and paintings, photos and doll collection.

There she was with only Raymond- her stuffed animal draped around her neck and the window shades drawn in a darkened room. I saw that she had some sheets of loose paper next to her bed with drawings of black birds sitting and flying among intricate designs of tree branches.  I opened her curtains, watered her plant and we chatted about her work and I asked her if she needed anything. She said no, that’ll she’ll be fine- and told me that her mother, who was also an artist- lived to be 100 and something and painted well into her 90’s.   
One of my Forks (Wire, pulp, encaustic)
with one of my new tea bags (resin, cotton thread, book pg.)
Marking Time, Timeless 

Then the nurse came into to wash her and I had to leave, but not before Ruth left me with –

“Isn’t art wonderful? It keeps you young.”
What’s your fountain of youth?

A shot of our frozen pond with only the slightest crescent of water thanks to our new pond pump.

and Happy Birthday Aunt Muriel! 

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