Sculptor Stan Smokler is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector series.

9″ x 12″

I am writing this after returning from NYC and visiting galleries.  

I find it almost impossible to enjoy one work that I see.. bits and pieces……but some time ago – perhaps 7 years  or so…I discovered a wonderful artist by the name of  Bernar Venet… and was spiritually moved by the way he used line; creating exciting movement in space.  

He did this by his ability to draw with “steel” both on paper and physically.  ….So, I purchased a work on paper from the artist  Bernar Venet’s that captures the movement and energy of form…..Most sculptors cannot draw – including myself! …but they can see the volume and complexity of the material …I am thrilled with the work…

About this week’s Guest Blogger:
Stan Smokler is a sculptor, adjunct professor at DCAD and curator.  He also teaches an intensive weeklong welding workshop at his studio in the summer that I hear is awesome
(and HOT).  I also know that he is a passionate and skilled squash player when he is not welding, teaching, curating or looking at art.

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