Celebrate your successes.  That seems to be the message this week that is coming in loud and clear.

I recently posted that I received a grant from the Leeway Foundation.  Cynthia Morris asked me how I was going to celebrate.  She commented that celebrating “is vital to building the trust we need in ourselves – reminders that we can go for it and succeed.”  

Later that week I took my son Nate to a Scout Pack Meeting.  The scouts were celebrating their recent popcorn sales success.  As this was our first meeting, the den leader informed me that, as scouts, the boys learn new skills, work hard, and “always celebrate their successes!”  That evening, prizes were raffled off, pizza was served and boys took turns throwing pies in the leaders faces!

Pizza and Pie Throwing may not be at the top of My Celebrating “To Do” List. 

Flowers are always a favorite

What is at the top of your list?  

How do you celebrate?

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