Chester County, PA based photographer Rich McFarland is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series.

Otter Cliffs Acadia

Every creative person knows- or has a very good idea about their strengths and weaknesses.  As a photographer, composition, lighting and color are my strengths. Conversely, I feel that although, like most photographers, I began almost 25 years ago shooting in black and white, I’ve never been satisfied with my finished b&w products.

Perhaps that’s why I gravitate to Nate Parker’s work. His concentration is the New England landscape and seascape, and spends a lot of time shooting Acadia National Park – not far from Bar Harbor, Maine.   His latest work has been almost exclusively black and white – and it’s simply amazing. He mixes things up, throwing in some long exposure from time to time – such as “Otter Cliffs Acadia”.
It has a ghostly, otherworldly feel – and the image could have been taken in 2012 …or 1912. 
Rich McFarland‘s work includes his own beautiful landscapes, portraits, corporate work and more. This statement is from his bio page.

“Someone once told me that a photo is only worth something if you want to see it again…

My photography is centered on that concept – capturing images that you
want to share again and again.”

Thanks for sharing Rich!

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