Vik Muniz
Rain Shower in the Studio, after Baron Reteniz von Stillfried,
from Rebus
, 2008
Digital C-print
98 x 71 inches

Vik Muniz
Took the Double Happiness bus up to NYC city yesterday. Had business to take care of that didn’t allow for gallery hopping (though people watching, as always in the Big Apple is a visual feast in itself)
Upon my return however, I did a virtual tour of the recent Vik Muniz exhibition at his NYC gallery site Sikkema Jenkins and Company.
My introduction to the artist and his work was through a recent write up in the Sunday, New York Times about Muniz’ recent show at Sikkema Jenkins and a documentary about his work,
“Waste Land.” The title of the article, Where Art Meets Trash and Transforms Life and images are rich, and when we examine the work and the process of creating these images we see so much more.
Drawing from his Brazilian roots and his compassion for others, his collaborative work with the “catadores” or Brazilian garbage pickers has expanded and torn down the “walls” that we often let define us as artists. Using the workers and the garbage that they pick in a new and beautiful context offers possibilities that have far reaching impact.

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