I am a hunter and gatherer of ideas, images and materials for my art.  I am lucky. I don’t have to go very far.

Usually, everything I need is in my own backyard.  I tend to use the term backyard loosely.
Sometimes it’s literally in my back yard, like my the fish in my koi pond or like Mr. Santiago, my neighbor and part of the inspiration for my Ranch Camp Series in Hawaii.

My pond in warmer times! 

My yard is even bigger if you consider (which I like to do) that our backyard extends into Pennsylvania AND Delaware.  In fact, the street behind us is called Delpa for Delaware and Pennsylvania. (get it?  if not, don’t feel bad, my kids pointed that out to me. hmmm.) That brings me to Doug Paul‘s backyard.

Doug Paul’s award winning collection

Doug has huge beautiful koi, and award winning bonsai in his yard. A visual feast, truly, and lot’s of inspiration.

Now it’s cold.  The fish are hibernating- swimming slowly under a thin layer of ice. (brrr)

My Koi Pond series continues,

Changing Seasons, 2009
42″ x 54″, oil on canvas

but I have been finding lots of other inspirations in my “big” back yard.

Stay tuned for more local treasures uncovered…

How does your backyard inspire you?

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