My “gathering nets” are evolving in the heat of these summer months. It seems they are morphing into hives, serving as both a sanctuary as well as, a holding and filtering vessel.  The original wire, pulp and encaustic structures function more as skeletal supports and inner collections. These organic forms have become encased in netting (ok pantyhose- thanks to a family connection to hosiery, and lots of it) that have been, cut, burned and sometimes embellished. Much like the skin that covers my body (though no piercings- yet.) 

(Note: writing this is one of those self realizations and aha! moments. ah the power of writing about your work)

This evolution is both natural and surprising. There it is again. The body, home, and sense of place all finding its way into my work.  With that in mind, I felt that these nets needed to be in nature, where I am most at peace.  
    Mara Finestrauss assisted me in shlepping and
location scouting. Thanks Mara!

And here in the Delaware Valley Region of the country that place is in a preserve where I walk with my dogs in and around the creek.

Finding a place in the sun with cool water and lovely shadows.

A sense of peace, a sense of place.

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The journey is the destination.

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