Delaware based artist J. Gordon is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series.
Jason Ward, Untitled, 2011
Oil on canvas
24″ x 24″
I received this piece as a trade from Jason before we left the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where we studied together.  

I enjoy it for it subtlety and sense of mystery.  Both are qualities evident in all his work.  A classically trained artist, his paintings encapsulate that which I’m drawn to most in an artwork, regardless of medium.
J.Gordon  is a painter working with mixed media. He is also a curatorial associate the the DCCA.
“Our thoughts stem from our experiences, that which we take in through our senses, and these present us with so few facets of the full range of phenomena our intellects tell us are present.  It is not hard to imagine that their exists an infinite range of phenomena beyond what we are aware of.  As an artist, my interests lie amidst these sentiments.  That so much of what we believe know is like Plato’s shadows on the wall,  vague shifting forms that are only projections of a deeper reality outside of our experience, hints at an infinite mystery that I find beautiful, humbling,  and deeply moving.”

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