Remembers those advertisements from the Ad Council stating that “this is your brain on drugs”?
Well this, is my brain on ART… all lit up! (and, without any assistance from the other shrooms)
Yes that’s me all bundled up… it was cold, but festive!

Taken at the First Annual Mushroom Drop at Kennett Square, PA bringing in 2014, this 8′ x 8′ stainless steel mushshroom wrapped with hundreds of LED lights presented a photo op I couldn’t pass up.

January just seems to be blowing open the doors- of my mind. Lots on my plate, besides eggs.

1. Catch & Release a solo exhibition at Project Space Gallery in Wilmington, DE Opening February 2, with artist reception on Friday February 7, 2014. The past few days in the midst of finishing up new work for the exhibition at Project Space I have been busy working on the invites for the Project Space exhibition titled Catch & Release designed by Caryl Felicetta of Think Plan C. In fact, building your mailing list IS an art, and maintaining and regular updates are a good practice. ArtBiz Coach Alyson B. Stanfield offers up lots of suggestions and systems to get your mailing up to date and keep your fans and friends in the Loop.

2. My Painting Studio Class begins tomorrow Wed. January 15 at The Center for Creative Arts in Yorklyn, DE. Registration is still open. You can sign up online.

3. Prepping to begin a collaborative sculpture project about women with YoungMoms of Kennett Square made possible by a Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grant.

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Loop, welded steel, 25″ x 56″ x 41.5″
Photo: Christian Kaye

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