Day 1 of What’s in My Drawers

Yoga Saves, original watercolor on paper, ©NanciHersh

Yoga Saves (Namaste 11) watercolor, graphite on paper. 15″ x 90″                              $175.00                         ©NanciHersh


This morning at early yoga class with Simone Twombly at the Kennett Y, I was reminded yet again, that Yoga Saves. After recent road trips to visit University of Pittsburgh for Griffin and up to Scranton for Thanksgiving my hips are tight, my lower back, neck and quads are stiff. But once again after an hour on the mat I feel looser- and happier. Yoga has helped me deal with life’s challenges and falls literally, as well as metaphorically, more gracefully.

Thanks to a gift of yoga from my dear friend and mentor Pegge Hopper during a divorce over 20 years ago, my practice has seen me through several moves, two pregnancies, breast cancer, and the glorious day to day stresses of life.

In this piece, I have two figures bowing in Namaste (the honor in me honors the light with in you) with a life saving ring in the background as I acknowledge that I will continue to stumble and fall through life, but as long as I can breathe and practice yoga I have my life line- my yoga practice.



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