Look back at 2015 I see a year of adventures, opportunities, milestones and gifts.  This list is primarily about professional celebrations but what makes them memorable are the relationships that were built or sustained as a result of my practice as an artist.

beach fun

Looking back on some great moments from 2015
Garbiñe and Griffin at the beach in NJ

I love making art, I need to make art. It is how I experience the world and express myself.  The biggest charge I get however from being an artist is not only seeing the magic happen between my heart, my head and my hands,  but how this extends beyond my studio and connects me to others in wonderful and sometimes surprising ways.

Here are my Top Ten in no particular order.

Nanci with framed Wilmington Flower Market Print

Joe Yacsyhyn, Vice President, Regional CRA Officer, M & T Bank, with Nanci and Tina Klumpp, Chairperson

1.Commissioned to create the artwork for Wilmington Flower Market 2015. Working with this year’s chair, Tina Klumpp and her committee introduced me to a community of energetic, passionate, and highly committed volunteers. Visiting Rockford Park, the site of the 3 day event inspired me to include Mt Salem Methodist Church along with the iconic tower. The response to the finished piece, and the prints and notecards of the painting was heartfelt, uplifting, and the proceeds from the sale of my artwork will benefit many children in Delaware.

Profession Artist Magazine June/July 2015, cover image by Nanci Hersh

Up for Air on the cover of June/July 2015 Professional Artist Magazine

2. Cover Art- Up for Air, a mixed media painting from my Koi Pond Series was featured on the cover of Professional Artist Magazine for the June/July issue. In addition, I was interviewed for an article about artist websites within the issue and had additional images of my work.

“…Chance favors only the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur

Nanci Hersh Art at Blue Streak Gallery, Wilmington, DE

Installation Shots from Nanci Hersh at Blue Streak Gallery, Wilmington, DE

3. Solo Exhibition at Blue Streak Gallery, Wilmington, DE. This was the very first gallery I was introduced to when we moved to the Delaware Valley. 7 years later, owner Ellen Bartholomaus called me in February and by June my work was on her walls.

Group shot of Painting by the Pond 2015 participants on Day 5

Group shot of Painting by the Pond 2015 participants on Day 5

4. Painting by the Pond Summer Workshop. Second year that I offered this weeklong workshop in my back yard pond side. I love sharing the beauty and serenity of my backyard koi pond with others. We had a great time together painting, discussing, and sharing our work, food, music and drink.

Welded steel sculpture of nest on pedestal

welded steel, 42″ x 32″ x 30″, ©NanciHersh2015
Photo: David Norbut

5. Marshall Bridge Welding Workshop. This was the second time I took this intensive week workshop with sculptor Stan Smokler. Being immersed in this demanding medium with 9 other committed individuals, Stan and his assistants extraordinaire was another highlight of the year with daily awesome pot luck lunches to boot!

6. Scott and I hosted our 3rd Annual Open Studio/House Party in late September.  Another successful, fun evening at the Okie Street Studio and Galleries.

7. Began working in the Floral Design Department at Winterthur Museum and Gardens. Think beauty, serenity, creativity, flexibility, camaraderie with good perks and that’s my part time job. Busy, at times. Worth it, absolutely. and, fun.

Ellen and Nanci with workshop participants at 798 ICAF

Ellen and Nanci with Butterfly Kisses book and some workshop participants

8. China. One of the highlights and unexpected gifts of the year was the invititation to participate in 798 ICAF with my cousin Ellen McVicker. Together we shared our book Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings in Beijing with children and their families in art and storytelling workshops over the 7 day children’s festival.

Group photo of Art of Peace taken at The Pegge Hopper Gallery in Honolulu.

Art of Peace exhibition committee with Pegge Hopper at her gallery in Honolulu

9. Hawaii. Returned to my beloved island of Oahu with Scott to be a part of The Art of Peace to benefit the 35th Anniversary of the Domestic Violence Action Center at the Pegge Hopper Gallery. What a gift to be part of a wonderful exhibition to benefit an important social issue.

10. Celebrating the personal milestones and gifts…

Celebrations… my Mom’s 80th birthday, our 20 year wedding anniversary, Griffin’s High School graduationwith honors and the beginning of a new chapter of life at West Chester University.

Hosted Garbiñe our international student from Basque Country, Spain. She truly became a member of our family in 3 short weeks.

Ivana Gatica came into my life as an art intern and I know she will be a friend for life.

In between and among these noted gifts of 2015 are conversations, coffees, artist dates, dinners and more with so many of you who are such an integral part of my life. I am truly grateful for each and everyone of you.

Photo of wrapped box with hearts

Thank you for your gift of friendship.

Thank you, and a very happy, healthy, peaceful, and Inspired New Year to you and yours.


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