This month marked the 5 year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis and with that came some reflection and closure. It has been an interesting ride to say the least and probably because I can look back knowing I am healthy and cancer free and say that it has been kind of wonderful which I know sounds weird but I am sure other people who have been down this road have said the same. Family and friends have been incredible, I have met people like my doctors who are truly a gift in my life – brilliant, compassionate and generous…and all the paths that came out of that experience – the Art of Survival with Dr. Beth Deutch, Claudia Ansorge, Christine Burke, Charlotte Scherer, Amy Puccio, ….and our book Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings with my cousin Ellen McVicker, Fran Waldman, Leslie Nicholson, Robin Pack, and Nadira Husain to name a few.

And my studio work- the images from the Art of Survival and Chrysalis, the Targets on wood with encaustic…. the opportunities that came from that work and continues to. So what next?

I finished the commission of the Navesink River for Christine and yesterday printed a linocut as part of a portfolio exchange with my Print 1 & 2 students at MSU. We each chose a card from a Tarot deck and did a contemporary approach to it. I chose the Ace of Pentacles. As I searched the web I found different interpretations of it but all said that it relates to a symbol of potential in the material world. The card also speaks of nature; planting a seed- though you may not recognize it, and a turn for the better in terms of fortune and wealth. It can also be a time of good fortune with indications relating to nature and fertile soil.

I need to get my boys off the bus, so I am going to post this for now.

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