Brooke and Brooke(?)
This week wraps up the art workshops with YoungMoms of Kennett Square, PA funded by a Leeway Foundation ACG 2013
YoungMoms and mentors get down and work together on the mixed media
figurative sculptures

 The goal of the project is to work together collaboratively with a variety of materials and media while we learn about women who have overcome challenges and adversity to make a positive impact on the world.

We always start with a great home made meal prepare by wonderful volunteers from the community and then the kids go off to play in another room with the two sitters while we get down to work.

YM Executive Director Linda Mercner, left,
with volunteer extraordinaire
Barbara Proto on right

Our first two sessions together had us creating collage portraits of different women followed by a session making exquisite corpses.  We are now well into creating mixed media sculptures of our own super women.

Using inkjet prints of the YoungMoms faces we used Liquitex gel medium to create image transfers onto Crayola Model Magic– reminding us that we create our own future, and anything is possible.
The Power of Love
by Justine
The images transferred onto the surface with varying degrees in tact, and everyone had a great time working back into the faces with collage and paint.

Bridget… has worked with me before and it is so awesome to see
her come into her own as a woman and a mother

The girls also began to create the armatures for their figures out of boxes, tubes and other recycled materials.

Bethany and Stephanie
The sculptures are a work in progress… just like us! They are going to be on exhibit at the 3rd Annual YoungMoms Brunch on April 26 at the Garage in Kennett Square, PA.

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