When Life Unravels – Let Go
Gesso, spraypaint, graphite aquarelle on paper
32″ x 42″

Am in the midst of reading Comfortable with Uncertainty- 108 Teachigns on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion by Pema Chodron. Whether it is moving, making art, facing cancer, birth, marriage, divorce- you can fill in the blanks, life is about transition.  

“As long as we believe that there is something that will permanently satisfy our hunger for security, suffering is inevitable. The truth is that things are always in transition. ‘Nothing to hold on to’ is the root of happiness. If we allow ourselves to rest here, we find that is is a tender, nonaggressive, open- ended state of affairs.

This is where the path of fearlessness lifes.”           Pema Chodron
Learning to let go… safety nets are only an illustion.

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