What’s Your Story? 

I want to know what makes you tick, your heart sing or stop, to catch your breath.

For me, it’s all about the story- and how we are connected

That’s the premise behind Catch and Release my Solo Exhibition opening February 2, 2014 at Project Space Gallery in Wilmington, DE. 
Catch- What we find  and Release – what we leave behind.

Like objects that wash ashore and become entangled or the scope of fibers one may find in a nest; once castaways, remnants of past lives and experiences become transformed into something altogether new and unique unto itself.

Net, detail
wire, pulp, encaustic, dried orchid, page of book
Photo: Amy Tucker Photography

Seemingly unexpected connections emerge to reveal the fragility, beauty, and grace of our lives.”

Net, detail
wire, pulp, encaustic, dried orchid, collage
Photo: Amy Tucker Photography

My work is an ongoing exploration of what sustains us when adversity challenges us. What moves us forward-
and binds us to the past. What we find and what we leave behind. Our stories, our stuff- and how we hold them in our bodies, our hearts, our minds.

So, tell me – What have you inherited or found that you’d like to release?  why?

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