As we go full steam ahead in our Blog Triage class I find myself thinking about journaling vs. blogging. The whole who, what, when, where, and why.

I have always journalled, or when I started, it was called a diary.  My first, was a small pink book with gold trim, a cushy cover and came with a little lock and key.  I even gave a name for my diary – Star.
I would write  “Dear Star”… and then go on about some girl in my class – or some boy or some other adolescent angst. I would also go to great lengths to keep my writings private. Lock and key, hide it under my mattress, anything to keep it away from my then, very pesty younger brother, and later, my parents.
Private Pages, 2010
Artist Book: Wire, encaustic, collage
7.5″ x 5″ x 1″

But as a blogger, I want to share and exchange images and ideas.  View my entries as a conversation starter.  See WHERE blogging will take me, us.

This brings us back to the WHO – the idea of my Ideal Reader. (Hello, are you listening?)

Private Pages (detail)

As I start checking out my classmates and other good blogs I see that great visuals are a must. Clear shots of art, of colors, textures, places, people, a compelling image – as a dear friend once said. Helpful techniques, links and interesting writings about art, yoga, life, finding balance, clarity, creativity and nothing too long- oops.

So for today it is balance I am seeking. As artists who blog, and bloggers who make art;
How do you balance your time to make art and to write about it. How do YOU determine what to keep and what to share?

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