Vanessa Turner from the island of Bermuda is our guest blogger for this week’s Artist as Collector Series.
© 2011 Sharon Wilson
LOOKING FORWARD – From The Sharon WIlson Gold Collection
Medium: pastel
Size: 11 x 14 inches
This is a painting I own by Sharon Wilson, an instructor I study with weekly, and one of Bermuda’s greatest artists. Wilson’s intention is to capture the beauty and spirit of Bermuda and to lift the human spirit with her work.

Much of Wilson’s work focuses on children, their personal stories and life issues. Even at a young age, children have many significant ordeals pertaining to acceptance, value, how they carry themselves and find a place in the world, etc.

Recently, she a completed a powerful and beautiful series of young boys called “The Gold Collection“. The purpose of this collection is to draw attention to the concerns of young black males in the community and the fear as it relates to increasing violence. Wilson states that “each of us hope that our child might contribute in some great way to society, but the road is long and we have become disillusioned by the amount of work and energy required to rear children…  I want you to see these little boys as malleable, open, and still trusting. I want the viewer to see them as children who are worth the effort”.

 “Looking Forward” is from this series. It hangs on my wall as a reminder to myself that each of us has a journey full of challenges. But despite those challenges there is hope and a world of opportunity that awaits if we empower and love each other. The expression on the little boy’s face is so captivating that you can’t help but stare back at him.

Wilson is an inspiration to me as she uses her passion and gift for a purpose greater than herself, finding the true power of imagery. I can’t help but admire her work and, be grateful for the opportunity to also know her as a person and have her in my life as a mentor.

Vanessa Turner works in pastel and charcoal to capture the everyday beauty of her island life and the people and the place who touch her heart.

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