New York based artist Beth Vendryes Williams is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series.
Cardinal Point #46
©Ben Frank Moss
I first met Ben Frank Moss when I took a drawing class from him at the University of Iowa. Iowa City.

It was in speaking with him about my work that I found validation for my need to create visual meditations. He understood my marks and helped me to trust my inner understanding of image making as my vocation.

Later on after, after seeing his work, I felt drawn to his mythical landscapes , poignant still lives and confidence in creating work based on his memories and senses. I remember when my husband and I bought our first little piece, totally in awe of his vision.

This piece is more recent. It reminds me in a visceral way to allow my life to frame the light within, yet to pay special attention to the energy of the shapes textures and lines that create  physical evidence of our existence. 

It brings hope into my line of vision each time I see it and reminds me to trust my instincts in my own work. 
Beth Vendryes Williams is a painter and mixed media artist who strives to reveal the inner, unseen spirit of the ordinary. To read more about Beth’s thoughts about Ben Frank Moss’ work click here.

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